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Face to Face and Online Guitar, Singing and Bass Lessons with Nick Tann

Guitar Lessons

Guitar lessons

Lessons last for 30 minutes, cost £25 and are conducted either face to face at my studio in Eastleigh or online. I use a Portal for Messenger, Whatsapp or Zoom. 60 minute lessons are available on request and cost £35. Lessons can be paid for by cash, card or direct to my bank.  

I have been playing guitar since the age of 4 and have been teaching full time since 2012.

Beginner students learn correct techniques from the start, intermediate students advance further getting any bad habits checked and advanced players learn fresh skills whilst keeping their core technique up to scratch.

All my pupils learn songs as early as possible. A mixture of “classics” and modern chart songs that match their age and ability. When it comes to new skills and songs, I design specific exercises to help you. I’m here with help and encouragement all the way.

Nylon string “Spanish” acoustic, steel string acoustic or electric, I  tailor lessons to include Finger style, plectrum and strumming patterns

I’m a performing singer/songwriter with BBC6 Music credits and a string of festival and gig performances, I can help with song composition, stage production and performance skills.

If you have been considering lessons but are not sure if they are for you then arrange a 30 minute sample lesson for £25. If you enjoy it then you can book more.

To contact me please use the form below or text me 07812150809


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  1. Vicky (mum to Guy)

    Nick has been fabulously fun and patient teaching my son, Guy, guitar. Guy has loved playing lots of different songs, learning new techniques and chatting and laughing with Nick. He’s learnt loads and it’s great to hear them play and sing along together!

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