Guitar, Singing and Bass Lessons with Nick Tann

Guitar, Singing and Bass Lessons in Eastleigh with Nick Tann

Student Testimonials


Karen “I am a woman in her fifties who was told at the age of 13 in school that I was tone deaf and asked to mime rather than sing in their concerts and services.  I have not sung a single note since that day – not even with my husband and daughter on day trips in the car.  That is until I found Nick.  I was shaking on that first day when I went to his house for a trial lesson, however I found someone who was friendly, welcoming and encouraging.  Nick is someone who immediately puts you at ease and more importantly gives you the confidence to have a go.  He makes me laugh and in the sanctuary of his music room, I felt able to put all of my psychological hang-ups about singing in front of people to one side.  The first time I sang a note out loud was an incredible feeling. I wanted to laugh and cry at the same time.  After all these years, Nick is actually teaching me to be able to sing in tune – can you believe that! I am now working with Nick towards being able to sing (not mime) in the church at my daughters wedding which will be a very special moment for me and for my family

“Nick has been teaching my 14 year old daughter bass for the past 2 years. In that time she has learnt a great deal and can confidently play along to some of her favourite songs. Nick is an enthusiastic teacher who wants my daughter to really enjoy what she is doing. This is evident in the way she is always happy to go to lessons. He is reliable and trustworthy. I can highly recommend him as a teacher.

Happy for people to contact me if they need further references!”

Jayne Perkins..


I really love my singing lessons with Nick, and when I look back over the 18 months  I’ve been having them I can see how far I’ve come. Not only has it uncovered an ability I didn’t know I had,  I have found my confidence overall has improved as well . I’ve rekindled my love of music and have even pushed myself to sing with a band, with Nicks support. I would never have thought I would love it as much as I do, considering I just thought I would give it a go to see if I could sing a bit better. Nicks passion and ability for what he does is always evident and I’m really pleased I took the plunge with this and gave it a go.



“Matthew really looks forward to going to his guitar lesson with you.

The lessons are always fun and varied, leaving him very enthusiastic and eager to play his guitar.
We are very impressed with Matthew’s progress and his growing confidence.
Thank you!”
Sam Cassar  (Mum to Matthew age 11, been a pupil with Nick since 2012)

“My 16 year old son Jordan has been having guitar lessons with Nick on a weekly basis for 4 years.  He started by having an hour lesson at school each week but we found he was not progressing as we would have liked.  Nick started teaching him for a couple of months and the difference was amazing! He has been having lessons for the past two years and will be playing at his brothers wedding later this year!

I would recommend Nick to anybody thinking of starting their children to learn the guitar.  Jordan really looks forward to his weekly lesson and I look forward to hearing them both playing and singing together while I am cooking!  Especially when its the Gypsy Kings!!

Keep up the good work Nick!”

Glenda Fy

“Nick is an absolutely superb teacher and I highly recommend him. I am really enjoying my guitar lessons with him and he has really helped me to make progress with my playing. He is patient, encouraging and friendly, taking the time to make sure you understand and feel confident with what you are learning/playing. He tailors the lesson and song choices to your own personal taste/needs and sings along whilst you play to help you to recognise how the tune should sound and how the song should be performed. Nick’s prices are very reasonable and he ensures that the lesson timings suit you, e.g. providing evening lessons for those who work full-time. I initially started with fortnightly lessons but soon changed to weekly lessons as I was enjoying it so much! He offers helpful advice regarding what type of guitar to purchase and is great at recommending guitar exercises to practice at home to improve your playing further. He also offers an online teaching resources section for his students that has helpful videos if you need a reminder of how to play particular chords, guitar exercises or songs. Nick has helped me to believe in myself and to have confidence in performing the songs that I’ve learnt and I am so pleased that I chose him, he is an awesome teacher! Thanks Nick!”  (Caroline Coyle)

” I was full of trepidation the first time I went, but Nick makes lessons so much fun, and I have built up my confidence to the point that I will join in singing Happy Birthday instead of just miming in the background. If you’ve always felt you’d like to sing but can’t, give it a go. Nick will help you find your voice.”

Past students have gone on to join choirs, join in at family get togethers, sing with partners and friends.

“Hi Nick. I just wanted to say a big thank you. I am still slightly in a daze! I can’t quite believe that I’ve finally started to learn to sing! If anyone had told me that this morning when I got up i would not have believed them!  But you are exactly the person I need to give me the confidence to do this! So thank you again very much. Best wishes Sarah”




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