Guitar, Singing and Bass Lessons with Nick Tann

Guitar, Singing and Bass Lessons in Eastleigh with Nick Tann

Singing Lessons

I firmly believe that everyone is born with the ability to sing in tune, but unfortunately, many of us develop doubts about our singing abilities due to various reasons. It could be a thoughtless remark from a teacher or relative during our formative years or even later in life. These experiences can be crippling and lead us to believe that we can’t sing. However, I am here to help you overcome those doubts and learn to sing in tune with confidence.

Since 2012, I have been dedicated to giving singing lessons and empowering individuals to find their voice and sing in tune. Many of my students have considered themselves tone deaf or had never imagined they could sing in tune. Some have endured years of being the subject of jokes or have internalized their own self-deprecating humor. However, with my guidance, they have discovered that they can indeed sing in tune and have experienced a sense of joy and astonishment in their own abilities.

Over the years, I have developed unique and effective methods that enable everyone to learn to sing in tune. Witnessing the transformative experiences of my students has been incredibly rewarding, and I am passionate about teaching people to sing. My teaching experience spans across various age groups, from school-age children to men and women in their seventies.

In my lessons, I create a positive and encouraging environment where each individual can grow in confidence and develop their singing skills. My approach combines a comprehensive program of techniques and practices that have proven successful in teaching anyone to sing in tune with confidence.

Lessons are conducted at my studio in Eastleigh and typically last for 30 minutes, priced at £27.50. If desired, 60-minute lessons are available upon request for £45.  Payment can be made in cash, by card, or through direct bank transfer.

If you are uncertain about taking singing lessons but are curious to explore your potential, I offer a 30-minute sample lesson for £27.50. This allows you to experience the positive and supportive atmosphere of my lessons, and if you enjoy it, you can continue with further


To contact me, you can use the chat bot, fill out the form below, or simply text me at 07812150809. I am eager to help you discover your voice and gain the confidence to sing in tune.

I also run the Secret Eastleigh Choir for people who want to sing but lack confidence in doing so. We meet weekly in Eastleigh with me playing guitar, We simply sing songs and enjoy ourselves.

“I am a woman in her fifties who was told at the age of 13 in school that I was tone deaf and asked to mime rather than sing in their concerts and services.  I have not sung a single note since that day – not even with my husband and daughter on day trips in the car.  That is until I found Nick.  I was shaking on that first day when I went to his house for a trial lesson, however I found someone who was friendly, welcoming and encouraging.  Nick is someone who immediately puts you at ease and more importantly gives you the confidence to have a go.  He makes me laugh and in the sanctuary of his music room, I felt able to put all of my psychological hang-ups about singing in front of people to one side.  The first time I sang a note out loud was an incredible feeling. I wanted to laugh and cry at the same time.  After all these years, Nick is actually teaching me to be able to sing in tune – can you believe that! I am now working with Nick towards being able to sing (not mime) in the church at my daughters wedding which will be a very special moment for me and for my family.

I really love my singing lessons with Nick, and when I look back over the 18 months  I’ve been having them I can see how far I’ve come. Not only has it uncovered an ability I didn’t know I had,  I have found my confidence overall has improved as well . I’ve rekindled my love of music and have even pushed myself to sing with a band, with Nicks support. I would never have thought I would love it as much as I do, considering I just thought I would give it a go to see if I could sing a bit better. Nicks passion and ability for what he does is always evident and I’m really pleased I took the plunge with this and gave it a go. 


  1. Lynne Humphrey

    I always thought I couldn’t sing, but after having a few lessons with Nick, I built up my confidence, and have even joined a choir! Singing is so rewarding and uplifting, and lessons with Nick were fun and relaxed. I’m so glad he helped me discover the singer within me.

  2. Karen Martin

    Nick’s lessons were great fun and full of practical advice. Some of our group were confident singers already, with specific problems they wanted to address whilst others were complete novices, Nick was able to help everyone – we all learnt a lot.

  3. Laurence

    I have been told during many years that I could not sing.
    But thanks to Nick, I can now sing. And it is never too late to start, I’m a 52 yrs old french lady.
    Nick gives confidence. He is enthusiastic, and positive.
    Having him playing guitar when you sing does help a lot. It allows to adapt each song to each person.
    Each lesson is always a great pleasure. Thank you Nick!

  4. Hanna Daniels

    I have always found it very difficult to sing in front of people but since going to Nick, I have gained a lot of confidence. I never thought I would be able to sing in front of anyone but he gave me the strength to do so. I really enjoy the lessons; they are very stimulating and leave you with a sense of pride!

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