Guitar Lessons

Guitar lessons

I have been playing guitar since the age of 4;  I have learned a variety of different styles and methods. I teach absolute beginners through intermediate improvers to professionals wanting to improve their technique.

I teach all my pupils songs as early as possible. A mixture of “classics” and modern chart songs that match their age and ability.

Whether you play a nylon string “Spanish” acoustic, steel string acoustic or electric, I can tailor lessons to whatever your musical tastes are. Rock, blues, reggae, folk or where ever you want to go.

Country and blues picking, strumming and rhythm patterns, chords and scales, I literally teach from ages 6 to 60 and over.

As a performing singer/songwriter with BBC6 Music credits and a string of festival and gig performances, I can help with song composition, stage production and performance skills. If you want to learn to accompany yourself then I am your ideal tutor. This is my music website

If you have been considering lessons but are not sure if they are for you then you can arrange a 30 minute sample guitar lesson for £25, if you enjoy it then you can book more. 

“Matthew really looks forward to going to his guitar lesson with you.

The lessons are always fun and varied, leaving him very enthusiastic and eager to play his guitar.
We are very impressed with Matthew’s progress and his growing confidence.
Thank you!”
Sam Cassar  (Mum to Matthew age 11, been a pupil with Nick since 2012)

“My 16 year old son Jordan has been having guitar lessons with Nick on a weekly basis for 4 years.  He started by having an hour lesson at school each week but we found he was not progressing as we would have liked.  Nick started teaching him for a couple of months and the difference was amazing! He has been having lessons for the past two years and will be playing at his brothers wedding later this year!

I would recommend Nick to anybody thinking of starting their children to learn the guitar.  Jordan really looks forward to his weekly lesson and I look forward to hearing them both playing and singing together while I am cooking!  Especially when its the Gypsy Kings!!

Keep up the good work Nick!”

Glenda Fy

I either sing along with my students or I also download music and play it using a special app that slows the music down without changing the pitch. This means that students can play along to music at a slower tempo until they are proficient enough to play along at normal speed.

I teach in Winchester & Chandlers Ford as well as my studio in Eastleigh Hampshire.

“Nick is an absolutely superb teacher and I highly recommend him. I am really enjoying my guitar lessons with him and he has really helped me to make progress with my playing. He is patient, encouraging and friendly, taking the time to make sure you understand and feel confident with what you are learning/playing. He tailors the lesson and song choices to your own personal taste/needs and sings along whilst you play to help you to recognise how the tune should sound and how the song should be performed. Nick’s prices are very reasonable and he ensures that the lesson timings suit you, e.g. providing evening lessons for those who work full-time. I initially started with fortnightly lessons but soon changed to weekly lessons as I was enjoying it so much! He offers helpful advice regarding what type of guitar to purchase and is great at recommending guitar exercises to practice at home to improve your playing further. He also offers an online teaching resources section for his students that has helpful videos if you need a reminder of how to play particular chords, guitar exercises or songs. Nick has helped me to believe in myself and to have confidence in performing the songs that I’ve learnt and I am so pleased that I chose him, he is an awesome teacher! Thanks Nick!”  (Caroline Coyle)

To contact me please use the form below or text me 07812150809

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  1. Nick has been fabulously fun and patient teaching my son, Guy, guitar. Guy has loved playing lots of different songs, learning new techniques and chatting and laughing with Nick. He’s learnt loads and it’s great to hear them play and sing along together!

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